Public Works

Public Works handles all repairs and maintenance for the sewer and water system, street repairs, and parks.  Public Works Supervisor Russ Foltz oversees the day-to-day operations of the City's water plant, waste water treatment plant and sewer pump stations to ensure that they continue to run smoothly.

The City has a modified "STEP"/"STEG" sewer system.  Each customer has a septic tank at their property.  Information on what should and should not be put into your tank is available under Water &Sewer Documents &Forms.  If you experience problems with your septic tank, call City Hall at 503 897 2302 and we will investigate.

The City's water supply is groundwater from a new wellfield developed in 2005.  Routine testing is conducted to assure high-quality drinking water.

City Parks are maintained by City Staff with some occasional help from the incredible volunteers of the Canyon Catalysts!  Kimmel Park shelters and concession stand can be reserved for events.


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Public Works Maintenance
Public Works Maintenance
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