Volunteer Opportunities

Looking for ways to participate in your community? The Canyon Catalysts, a local volunteer group, have complied a list of volunteer opportunities for your consideration.


City Hall

Weed flowerbeds, Prune bushes, Stake and trim trees, Clean parking lot, Spread barkdust, Clean and repaint City Hall sign, Pressure wash bricks by reader board.


Kimmel Park

Weed flowerbeds and horseshoe pits, Trim plants, Add azaleas and barkdust, Pressure wash around benches and bathroom/soffits of bathrooms, Paint bathroom eaves and doors, Edge sidewalks, Clean playground equipment, Weed around playground equipment and spread bark chips to even out, Paint flagpole, Paint dugouts/bleachers/benches/picnic tables, if needed, Riparian area noxious vegetation removal/replanting with natives, Boat ramp maintenance


Memorial Wayside Park

Repaint water tower, Replace railroad ties, Pressure wash bricks, Paint picnic table/clean cement underneath, Weedeat around bricks, Trim plants, Weed flowerbed


Hammond Park

Weed Rhododendrons , Restain wood on overlook, Paint where needed, Weed along street in rock area, Clan under picnic benches


Mill City Falls Park

Weed rocks by bathroom, Clean along street gutters, Weed by museum



Alley Maintenance/Clearing, Scrap and repaint fire hydrants, Repaint barrel garbage cans


Annual Clean Up Day - May

Junk Pick Up Dump Site Volunteer


The Canyon Catalysts are a volunteer group and therefore ask that those wishing to volunteer provide their own supplies. These may include: gardening gloves, gardening equipment, buckets, wheelbarrows or similar items.

For painting projects the City will supply paint, paintbrushes and other necessary supplies.

For trash pickup, safety vests, garbage grabbers, vinyl gloves, and garbage bags are available to check out. Please remember to return vests and garbage grabbers when done. Bags of garbage may be disposed of in the trash container at City Hall.

Specific projects will be posted as they are organized and scheduled. To be sure that you don't miss out on any opportunity, please reach out to the Contact Person for the Canyon Catalysts and request to be added to their email group.

Are you an interested individual, group organization or family looking to work independently? Contact Joanne Olson at (503) 302-7420 or joannewithcanyoncatalysts [at] gmail.com (email).

Are you an individual interested in group projects organized by the Canyon Catalysts?  Contact Dawn Plotts at (503)551-6473 or email.


See something that interests you? Call the Canyon Catalyst Contact or City Hall at (503) 897-2302 or stop in at 444 S 1st Avenue.