Utility Billing

The utility billing department, located in City Hall at 444 S 1st Avenue, is open between the hours of 8:00 am and 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday. Utility Billing Clerk Kimberley Johnson is available to answer any questions concerning water and sewer.

If you are new to Mill City or are moving to another location in town, click here to download and complete the Water and Sewer Application for Service and bring it to City Hall along with the required $125.00 deposit to begin service.

The Mill City Water and Sewer Department does once monthly billings which are mailed out before the first of each month. The bills are due and payable upon receipt.  On the 16th day a second statement, the "Final Notice", is printed and mailed out. This Final Notice includes a $10.00 penalty and advises that the bill must be paid by the 21st to avoid discontinuance of service.  If the bill has not been paid by the 21st, a 24 hour notice which includes a $15.00 door fee will be posted at your residence/business. If the bill is not paid within 24 hours a shut off notice which includes a $15.00 door fee and $40.00 turn on fee are added to the bill and service is discontinued. To review the full billing process click here. Under the Searchable City Code, go to Title 13 - Utilities. From there, see Sections III, IV and V.


Utility Rates for the City of Mill City are available for viewing in the current Water and Sewer Rate Resolutions.

For information on landlord/tenant procedures and "What not to put in your Interceptor Tank", visit our Documents & Forms page.

Please be certain to call the City first if you have any concerns about your sewer system.