The Reid House

        In 2016, Josephine Reid willed her estate to the city of Mill City. The beautiful southern-style home is located on NE Alder and was built to serve as a hospital with Dr. J.W. Reid Mill City's only doctor.  
            The Reid House is currently being renovated to best fit the needs of the community, as was             Josephine's wish when giving her home to the city. With a new roof, an outdoor ADA lift in the back and new heating system in the works, the approximately 3,000 square foot home will soon be ready for events and tenants. Having three floors with an extension off the west side, the Reid House Committee has come up with many ideas for which the numerous rooms can be used.  Watch our web site for updates on the status of renovations. Tours for the public will be slated, as well as an open house when all is finished. 
            A new facilitator, Tree Fredrickson, has been hired to help with the promotion of the manor. Along with promoting the home, Mrs. Fredrickson will be responsible for maintenance and event hosting. For more information on future uses for the home, you can call Tree at city hall (503) 897-2302.