Skatepark Project

The City of Mill City and local citizens have been planning, saving and working toward a skatepark design and location for many years. More recently, Santiam Kids And Tourism Effort (SKATE) has stepped forward as a community partner in this endeavor. 

In a small, rural community such as ours there are few recreational opportunities available to adolescents outside of organized sports provided by the local school district and recreation association. We have a goal of diversifying these opportunities with a safe and healthy outlet; skateboarding.

Creating a skatepark is more than building a concrete bowl and installing rails. Many elements should be incorporated into the design to allow novice riders as well as seasoned riders a safe and enjoyable park. Restrooms, ADA improvements, aesthetic appeal and seating are all items to take into consideration during the planning and construction process. Mill City and SKATE plan to construct a fully functional park with the necessary amenities to ensure the best possible outcome for future use of our new park.

As a depressed timber community fighting our way to a better economic position that allows us to provide the necessary infrastructure and maintenance needs of our city it is extremely hard to find extra dollars to put toward this project.  The City, SKATE and our citizens are diligently looking for ways to see our dream of a skatepark come true.  Donating to our cause will help us to make that happen.


Yes, I want to help Mill City and SKATE reach the goal of providing a skatepark!

Tax deductible donations can also be mailed to:

              City of Mill City

              ATTN: Mill City Skatepark Project

              PO Box 256

              Mill City, OR 97360

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For more information, please call:                   (503) 897-2302