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FREE Household Hazardous Waste Collection Event

posted May 7, 2018, 12:17 PM by Stacie Cook

Saturday, May 19
10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Santiam Elementary School
450 SW Evergreen Street
Mill City, OR 97360

Stacie Cook, 

Drop off your household hazardous waste (at no cost to you) so we can dispose of it in a manner that is safer for the environment!

What to bring
Pesticides and Poisons
Mercury and Mercury-containing Items
Fluorescent Lights/Ballasts
Household Cleaners
Pool Chemicals
Rust Remover
Motor Oil
Engine and Brake Cleaner
Transmission and Brake Fluid
Paint and Paint Thinners
Automotive/Marine Paint
Wood Preservatives
Arts and Craft Supplies
Photographic Chemicals

What not to bring
Radioactive Waste

City Clean Up Day, Saturday, May 19, 2018

posted May 7, 2018, 12:14 PM by Stacie Cook   [ updated May 7, 2018, 12:14 PM ]

The City of Mill City, in cooperation with the Linn County Sheriff’s Department, Pacific Sanitation and STR Towing are sponsoring a “CLEAN AND SAFE” program.  City officials, Linn County Sheriff’s Deputies and volunteers are working together to improve the appearance and safety in our community. 

Pacific Sanitation and the City of Mill City are sponsoring our 17th Annual “Spring Cleaning Day” for residents and property owners inside the city limits of Mill City. You will be asked to show a driver’s licenses or ID to verify you live inside the city. The FIRST load (6’Wx8’Lx5’H) will be free for citizens of Mill City.  Each additional load (6’Wx8’Lx5’H) will be $10.00 per load. Only items from properties inside the City qualify for dumping. 

t    Junk & Debris:   Dumpsters will be available at the east end of Fairview Street (past Kimmel Park) for city residents to dump accumulated junk and debris.  Pacific Sanitation is providing the dumpsters at a discounted charge to the community.  No daily household garbage will be accepted. 

t     Large Trucks/Trailers: Trucks and trailers larger than 6’Wx8’Lx5’H will be charged $20.00-$100.00 depending upon the size. 

t    Large Appliance Recycling:  A $30.00 fee will be charged for freezers, refrigerators and Freon units (air conditioners).  

t    Metal Recycling:  Bring miscellaneous metal and place it in the metal recycling dumpster.  

t    Tires:   Bring old tires for recycling.   A $3.00 per tire fee will be charged for each tire.  Tires with rims will be $4.00 per tire.   Larger tires (20" or larger $6.00, w/rim $10.00) 

t    E-Waste:  A $5.00 fee will be charged for all E-Waste, including: personal computers, printers, televisions, laptops, etc. 

t    Yard Debris: Yard debris (leaves, branches, ivy, berry bushes) will be collected in a separate bin.  Please make sure to place in proper area. NO SOD ALLOWED. 

t    Junk Cars & Auto Parts:    Junk cars will not be accepted.  Auto parts, such as doors, hoods or engine blocks, may be recycled by putting them in the metal recycling dumpster.   If you have junk cars or large auto parts for recycling or disposal -- contact Santiam Towing and Recovery (STR).  

t    Construction Material: Construction materials will NOT BE ACCEPTED. 

Junk Car Removal 

Santiam Towing and Recovery (STR) will work with local residents to remove abandoned vehicles and car parts from your yard.  STR will remove abandoned or inoperable vehicles from your yard at a nominal charge or no charge.  STR cannot take a vehicle if it has garbage, debris or tires inside the car.  Metal car parts are acceptable if they are placed inside the car.  Call STR at 503-897-5757 for assistance. 

Information on other potential companies for car removal is available by contacting City Hall. 

Code Enforcement 

The Linn County Sheriff’s Office and the City of Mill City are actively enforcing the city’s nuisance ordinances.  Mill City Municipal Code, Section 8.04 identifies the following items as nuisances and states property owners are responsible for their removal: 

1.               Junk:  Accumulated rubbish and debris on private property. 

2.               Abandoned Appliances & Machinery:  Abandoned appliances, machinery and/or equipment that is attractive, dangerous and/or accessible to children. 

3.               Inoperable & Abandoned Vehicles in Streets or Alleys:   Inoperable, discarded, unregistered or abandoned vehicles found in the public right-of-way (normally a 50' to 60' wide area which includes the paved street plus the gravel or dirt shoulder) will be tagged and towed in accordance with state law.   Towing can occur 24 hours after the vehicle is tagged. 

4.               Abandoned vehicles on private property:   No person may store any abandoned, inoperable vehicle, unregistered vehicles or vehicle parts on private property unless it is stored inside an enclosed garage or building.   

5.               High Grass:   The Mill City Fire Department encourages you to reduce fire hazards by cutting back high grass.  Property owners inside the city limits are required to mow high grass (over 10" high) and cut back blackberries and noxious weeds between May 15th and September 15th each year.   

Most property owners do a great job of cooperating with the City. Over the past 17 years more than 200 abandoned or inoperable vehicles have been removed. If you receive a written notice or are personally contacted by a Sheriff’s Deputy, we will first look for you to voluntarily comply and abate the nuisance.  However, if the property owner does not remove the nuisance, the city and Sheriff’s Department will enforce the ordinance. A property owner may be cited into Municipal Court and the city may abate the nuisance and bill the cost, plus a 20% administrative fee to the property owner. Any unpaid costs will be placed as a lien against the property.  Enforcement action takes considerable time and money.  We would prefer to work with citizens and property owners to improve the appearance of the neighborhood. 

For More Information:           Call City Hall at 503-897-2302.

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